our mission

The purpose of EKWIP is to provide emotional, mental, and holistic support to the children and caregivers who identify as having an incarcerated parent/child within the prison system.

Our goal is to end the cycle of generational and familial incarceration by focusing on breaking the cycle of pain and trauma through positive reinforcement and affirmation, as well as reducing recidivism through empowerment.

EKWIP hosts support group meetings for:

  • CHILDREN with incarcerated parents
  • CAREGIVERS, guardians, and family members
  • PARENTS that are incarcerated


The purpose of this group is to assist the women currently housed in the Department of Corrections. It will address effective communication between the caregivers and group participants, so that we begin to heal the family bond and end the cycle of generational trauma.


EKWIP is sponsored by St. Vincent De Paul – Orlando. Please consider pledging money to our mission by visiting this donation link.


You can also give by donating goods to our monthly support group meetings and events. Review our current wish list here and fill out our contact form.


If you would like to volunteer or become a mentor to a child, parent, or caregiver, we are also eager to hear from you! Please fill out our contact form below.


LaShanna Tyson served 13 years in prison during which time she made a conscious decision to turn her experience into something positive and has dedicated her life work to helping others who are impacted by the criminal justice system.

A mother of three, she experienced the extraordinary difficulties faced by women returning to their communities from incarceration. She saw obstacles such as positive reunification, housing, employment, and education that were barriers to a successful reintegration, dedicating her life to advocating on behalf of returning citizens and their children by founding EKWIP.

As a returning citizen, Ms. Tyson brings a fresh and unique perspective on the struggles of women and children who are impacted by the criminal justice system. She is a shining example of the idea that they have the ability to overcome those obstacles ahead and EKWIP them with how to prepare for it.


If you are interested in joining one of our meetings or getting involved with EKWIP, please fill out the contact form below so that we can get in touch with you on your next steps.